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Just wife me. 💚

Only if I can eat the whole ass in the car while I’m driving..

I don’t understand why people can’t just appreciate photography or have the respect to give credit where it’s due

I was gonna ask how you got your weed but I see someone's already asked. Man. I was looking through blogs and yours is outstanding! You've got a new follower :) I'm new in Liverpool and maan. Know of any dealers around here?

Thanks mang, and nah I’m not out there

Oh sure you got a dope ass blog homie.

Thanks man

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The homies straight crushin the bandos 
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Marijuana Drug Clouds ****

I hate how this gif doesn’t work on my phone..
How do you get your weed,if you're in the uk

Medical my friend

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A Venti Dabuccino to start the day 

Your photography's fucking ill

Thanks yo!

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Rawrr you heady?
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Raggin the Snic 
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